The Flame of the Crimson Rose Magic System

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This ought to help anyone thinking about participating in my RPG with making abilities. It'll also shorten the approval process.

Floating in the air throughout the world is a substance known by many as Aether. It is also found in high concentrations within living creatures. Although none is found in nonliving things.

Aether is unique in that it cannot be affected by anything but Aether, but it can affect anything in almost anyway. Normally humans cannot interact with Aether. It's beyond their grasp. For one reason or another though (I know the reason, you all get to find out later), the souls of humans, which are normally spiritual things and not present in the physical world, have crossed over to the physical world.

Humans souls are made from a substance that exceeds Aether. It can react with anything, but only another soul can touch it. Another soul or the owner of the soul (Souls cannot be sold by the way.). Since the Flame of the Crimson Rose, humans have been able to use their souls to interact with Aether through the use of their will.

The mind is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the mind controls the body but also has hopes and dreams, things of the soul. Will is the product of the mind, derived from the soul and used by the physical body. That's why it can use the spiritual soul to interact with physical Aether.

A person's abilities are determined by the soul. A person's soul can change over time, but it's origin does not. And that's where a person's ability originates from, the origin of the soul. This origin determines what a person's ability is. For instance, a person who's origin is to destroy all life would have an ability similar to destroying life, like breaking down organic compounds or dissolving living things with acid breath.

Now, there are some aspects to the spiritual realm that should be noted. First, there are inhabitants of that world just as there are in our world. These are spirits, souls, and ghosts. Souls are, of course, our souls. You can't do anything with these.

Ghosts are, of course, the ghosts of our ancestors. Ghosts are no longer actual souls, but merely the imprint of them. Characters with the appropriate ability would be able to communicate or even summon these ghosts. Of course, a character only has one origin, so they can only contact a specific ghost.

Spirits come in a variety of forms. There are animal spirits which are spirits who's aspects coincide with that of specific animals. A character could summon animal spirits or even transform into the particular animal associated with that animal. There are also nature spirits. These are spirits who are associated with specific elements. For instance fire spirits or earth spirits. These can be summoned, but one cannot turn into them, for they have no physical form. When summoned, nature spirits take on the form of their element. Fire spirits appear as fire, earth spirits as rock or soil.

So, if you can think of an aspect to describe your power, that should be a clue as to whether it is acceptable. Origin's don't have to be anything fancy. You want the ability to shoot fire extinguisher fluid from you nostrils? Origin: Putting out fires. The method is up to you.

Restrictions: Origins have limits. They can't be things like: Always destroy all evil automatically, destroy the earth with a single strike, kill enemies with a stare. These restrictions are mainly to make easier. Killing things automatically makes it hard to make sufficient enemies for you.

For anyone who wants to change abilities after this, just PM me.
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