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The fourth and last of the original races, Scorch fiends.

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In the blazing hot belt of the star line, a searing pace where thousands of small suns shine with out end there lives the fourth and most misunderstood race to be created. The term scorch fiend is a derogatory word used to describe their devilish appearances, But they are no more hell bound then any other mortal. They come in shades of red and bronze, with a humanoid frame, burning tails and bright horns that curve back on their head. There face has the typical two eye's one nose features of other humanoids, but the shape of their heads is unique in that there nose is is sightly cat shaped, but with dragon like nostrils. Their eye's and maws constantly glow with fire aether, and each one has a unique set of rocks that form on joints and other outcroppings on their body.

Only specimens of these creatures have been found, for no one dares travel into the hellish Starline to meet them. And they rarely leave there scorching domain. Only the Mers have had any close contact with them and sadly, only through brutal wars. Mers and scorch fiends hate one another with a venom that could kill a god.

What we have figured out is that they can interbreed with humans suggesting their genetics are not too far from our own despite the differences. Adept at fire and earth magic Scorch fiends share a love for metal craft, and a passion for jems and gold, and other metals creating entire empires out of the precious stuff. They complete the picture of the people of Exzalia.

Humans creatures of earth

Mers creatures of water

Airmids creatures of air

Scorch fiends creatures of fire

In all there are 8 known races in Exzalia, but these were the first four, the original, colonizing this world thousands of years before the first elf ever set foot.
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