The Future

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One of the posts on the forum got me thinking about the future. What will it be like? Here are just a few thoughts from my mind on what life would be like one hundred years from now.

Kinect will be coming to the Xbox360 soon and it promises voice, facial and movement recognition. I personally don't think it will work quite as well as Microsoft claims, but with every new invention someone else will take that base idea and improve upon. In twenty years time this could be common place, but what if we go beyond that. What if we move into thought recognition, would it not be weird if we could control the T.V., lights, music and most other things just with a thought. It would certainly make watching the T.V. with your other half interesting, every millisecond the screen would flicker between Topgear and EastEnders.

It also raises a question of what will a T.V be like in the future. We will move beyond having flat screen T.V’s and into full holographic technology. Imagine if all you had to do was place a ball, no bigger then your hand, in the centre of the room and then bang the whole room would explode with images. Not high definition images, but real definition images. Imagine if you wanted to watch a nature program, a satellite any where on in orbit would be able to scan down and search for a specific species, map there terrain and extrapolate an image based on what it can detect. You could have live streaming images anywhere in the world without having to place annoying CCTV cameras in the street.

Cars as we know them will be gone, electric cars will be a thing of the past as well, hydrogen fuel cell cars will probably be the most common car. Governments are already considering a pay as you drive sort of scheme and I think something like this could make it to expensive to drive regularly. I also think that as the population expands to untold proportions then owning a car and driving to work as we know it will not be possible due to high levels of congestion. I think the bike may make a major reappearance with the slogan of “go anywhere, any-time.” For the purist the common pedal bike will still be around, it will also be supplemented with an electric model for those who are just to lazy to move their legs.

I would love to see major inroads made into space travel by the end of the century, unfortunately I just can't see it being done. I think manned missions to Mars will have taken place, maybe one or two. I certainly think some sort of mining mission will be taking place on the surface of the moon. Only a handful of people will get the chance to go to space and mine the moon. Virgin Galactic are planning on sending people into space on a short two hour trip, personally I think after the first few thousand rich people have had a go at this then business will dry up and it will die faster then the Dodo.

This brings me onto the final topic, Robots. They will have there advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that they will be able to do the manual labour jobs efficiently, quickly and without endangering human lives. The disadvantages are that this will mean that those who don't have great qualifications will struggle to get jobs. I can easily see a class divide emerging. One between those who can afford the best for their children and those who aren't fortunate enough to have everything tailor made for them, simply put it will between the rich and the poor. Civil wars might even break out, but the government would be able to deploy there army of Robots to quell the rebellion. (Please be aware that this is only a hundred years in the future and Robots will not have become sentient and overthrown mankind by this time).

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the future, bye.
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