The Garden of Sears - a found poem

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* Clipped phrases from retro Sears catalogs and some phrases from Dylan Thomas's short stories collection - Adventures in the skin trade. I love doing found poetry. *

The Garden of Sears

Creation screamed forth

in an enchanted garden

Of non-conformist comfort.

two available in your choice of colors

He - lab-tested, excellent resiliency


She - fully immersible, high polish,

brass finish.

He had been invisible

Till, she opened eyes

of handcrafted, leaded cathedral glass

You were lonely before I came

They stood fresh-as-spring

It’s got bounce, he thought admiring her pompon elegance

She ignored his big 10 “ swivel nozzle

The fine-quality, vitreous china Classic

had waited for this Sculptura


One by one the funflowers died

as the Fooler purred his way through

“Take off your frock of freedom from defrosting and

resistant to the effects of smoke, humidity, and

harsh sunlight”

a spark of wing and fire

the safety shell drops

leaving a hole in heaven

she took his hand and lead him racing over the Magicube

truly amazing, they move as though alive

and multiply, multiply by 3,500,000

Pattern is protected under a hard glaze for long wear

We are chip-resistant


shock protected!

We glory in - a cool-down tumble

complete with spill catchers

trapping tiny tubular travelers

What is death’s music?

The stunning modern look!

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