The Gift Of Sunday

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Today is turning out to be a good day. Some nice surprises have opened up for me and I am always happy to receive something new.

Every new opportunity is another door closing as the new door opens. There is something so healing and renewing by this process. I discover new strengths as I gain a greater awareness.

Somethings are changing for the good...I am thinking about my life and what I want in this world of mine. I am also considering those things I don't want in it.

Everyone here knows I always tend to give up way too much of myself. It seems that I offer up everything and receive so little to my own detriment. The crazy thing is, I have been okay with that. But you know, I don't think so anymore, I don't think I can afford the cost.

I have a strong will to push through and make something positive out of the negative. Tomorrow is going to be a new day...tomorrow I am going back into a world I thought was behind me, I am excited for it...I hope it turns out well. The door is open as I step over the threshold.
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