The Great and Improperly Named River Road

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This is another short from my past. It was a cute little story that I wrote years ago for an in-class project that I recently came across. I hope you enjoy it (sorry for the delay this past week!) and as per usual, comments of all kinds are great to receive, so please feel free to comment!Thanks!

Throughout the known world there exist thousands of River Roads. I mean, the name is hardly original. Every single road located near a river, no matter the river’s name, is known as River Road.

However, here in what is formerly known as O___ Township there exists one River Road that has been improperly named. Oh sure, there’s a river almost right beside this road, it does fulfill that particular requirement, but still a River Road it should not be.

For literally generations, more than one Lynch family has called this road home and few other families have stayed quite so long. Why, at this very moment I can think of no less than seven families of Lynches living peacefully on its sloping sides. And yes, all of these families are rather closely related, but who would expect otherwise?

It was the Lynches who first carved out a farmyard from its flourishing forests and it was the Lynches who first poled its river upon their wooden rafts. Why, I even believe that it was a Lynch who first fell into its river’s waters and I know for a fact that many have fallen since (after all, I was one of them!).

It was the Lynches who built their cabins amidst the tall pines and who hacked out trails that lead to wonder and adventure for decades to come. It was the Lynches who sledded down the steep, slippery slopes of the great gravel pit. And it will be the Lynches who do all those other things that christen a road.

Oh, what a road it is to behold now! Even more gracious today then it was when the Lynches first created it (as I’m certain they must have done). It has evolved over the years from mere dangerous dirt to gritty gravel to perfect pavement. Never has there existed, I am certain, in the entire world such a pitted, potholed, long stretched, tightly curved, bumpy hilled, rocky road!

Surely now you can tell what a wonder of wonders it is to behold, oh to see its glory unfold! There are those who traveled for miles untold to state the tales of Old, just to see its countless curves. Oh, what those curves does to ones nerves!

The Lynches possess it with such a tie, that to leave it they would surely have to die! This road, what a road, too great to suffer such a fate. No, a River Road it should not be and a River Road it has never truly been.

If you ever seek a Lynch in O___ Township, just ask where to find the Great River Road!
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