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The greatest delusion?

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The greatest delusion?
Posted Today at 03:17 PM by Radrook

When studying history and making a comparison with present or recent historical events it becomes quite clear that although we have progressed technologically our emotional area has remained unchanged. Mankind still cannot resolve major disagreements without the threat of violence or its employment. The sad truth is that we haven't gone at each other with nuclear weapons in a full out war not because we are more civilized now, but because we fear mutual annihilation.

However, that hasn't prevented us from killing each other with conventional weapons. So the only difference is that where once we employed bows and arrows to kill at a distance we now use rifles and cannons and ICBMs.

True, we are far more technologically advanced, but the murderous savagery is still present and only hidden by a veneer of civility.

Please consider that every single invention or discovery we make, our military pounces on it to determine its killing potential-whether it be pharmaceutical, or strictly limited to electronics. \

How to cause explosions via gun powder? We immediately began cannonading each other and would up carpet fire bombing entire cities.

How to make certain chemicals into gasses?
We gassed one another during WWI

Discovery of nuclear power?
We nuked other humans during WWII.

Advances in electronics?
Already we are considering making machines that can replace soldiers and aviators so we can kill each other at a distance at greater safety to ourselves ad keep the process as clinically antiseptic as possible.

Future colonies on other planets in our solar system? We are already finding ways in which to obliterate them if war breaks out.

In short behind the sophistication that separates us from the lower beasts there still growls the snarling savage eager to be unleashed and straining at the shackles that hinder its bloodthirsty movements and murderous desires.

The irony of this is that despite the historical evidence we still insist that we are closer to a benevolent God than we are to a maniacal demon.

Perhaps that is the greatest delusion of all.
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