The Hired Help Part II

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Anyway, I'm always working on deadlines and reading until I can't stand to read any more work. I'm really burnt out. And maybe a little cynical.

Last night I read a very unprofessional script. It's my job to make them better and I am constructive and helpful. My goal is to make them more professional and that's what they pay for. But sometimes it's not easy. And sometimes it's very fustrating.

On the writing side of my work, I'm very lucky recently. I just got a paying job as a researcher-cowriter for a documentary. It's going to pay hourly with backpay if it makes a profit. And the kid's script is doing well. In fact, I have a meeting tonight.

All this makes me tired. I've actually been meaning to finish an erotica I started writing months ago on literarymary, but no luck.

I -gasp- might be a littler burnt out. I know I need to keep chugging along... but I think I have to go easy on myself and still make time for freetime. Comic con is in 2 weeks, so I'll get a little mini vacation besides the day I have to work at the Dark Horse booth. I'm using the money of script coverages to pay for travel and all the **** there I'll feel the impulse to buy (our booth is next to the lego booth... it's very dangerous for me).
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