The Hunted Chapter 21 Snippet (new writing)

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Simon Peres looked at the blonde haired man sitting at his bar and fought to keep his sigh from being heard. While it was an honor to work for the Syndicate, its leader was one of the most psychotic assholes he had ever met. Just how in the hell was one supposed to think about a man who enjoyed watching people die in blood sports just to bet on them?

And he just sits there like a genteel gentleman, sipping bourbon, Peres thought, the snort kept to him.

Ever since Almir had started working her way up the Syndicate’s food chain, the head of the organization had been on Rodeo waiting. The plan for dealing with the woman, once and for all, had been hatched by him. However, so had the bounty, so in Peres’ eyes, he was just cleaning up his own mess.

Frankly, in Peres’ opinion, the whole exercise had been a waste of time. So the woman wouldn’t join the organization, was that reason enough for killing her? It was obvious they were dealing with someone who equaled their own ruthlessness and deadly efficiency, so maybe it was time to call the bounty off and chalk it up as a learning experience.

However, knowing his boss as he did, Peres knew the man would never admit the mistake. If there was one thing the psychotic bastard felt, it was pure hatred for Almir. Why, he had no idea, but the man did. Hopefully, sometime, if Almir did what they expected her to do, the answer would become clear.

“Has Almir made contact with our team at the apartment building?”

Peres snapped out of his thoughts at the sound of his boss’ voice. No matter how much had hated the man now, he was in a position where disobedience would lead to death and frankly, living was too damn much fun! If the man asked him to dance naked on a table, then that would have been done.

“Checking, sir,”

It took several seconds for Peres’ neural link to make connection with the bugs in the lobby. What he saw made him curse involuntarily. Goddamn that Torin, he raged. Why the hell couldn’t he have kept his damn nose out of the Syndicate’s business? Any other time and it could have been left alone and no one would have been the wiser, but with the head of the Syndicate on planet, then something would have to be done about the Vatican’s fixer.

I’m sorry, old friend, remorse was something that was hard for Peres to feel but he did this time, there’s nothing personal about what’s coming: its just business.

“She walked right into the trap, sir,” Peres said. “But then the Vatican helped her out of it.”

“Alexander again, I presume?”

It was utterly amazing how the man could sit there and drink bourbon without any sign of emotion. How could someone stay so calm when learning his or her plans had been dashed? The son of a bitch had to have ice water in his veins!

“Yes, sir,”

“That’s okay,” the man said while Peres’ butler refilled his glass. “It’s part of my plan: we’ll kill two birds with one stone.”

“I don’t think I follow, sir,”

That was an understatement, Peres realized. Just how in the hell did the man think he could take out both Almir and Alexander? Individually, they were bad enough, but if they were to work together, Jesus, the thought of that was enough to make him shudder!

“Katie will come to us, Simon,” the man said, sipping at his refilled glass. “You have to remember why.”
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