The Hunted Chapter 25 snippet (new writing)

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Kate raised and eyebrow at the holographic image projected on the wall of her cabin. It was her likeness when on Necko, sword in hand, blood dripping from the end. Obviously, she mused, Ferini didn’t want it forgotten how he had molded and forged her early life.

Like I could possible forget that, she thought with a snort, crossing her arms over her had while lying on the bunk. After thirteen years in hell, nothing about Necko will be forgotten.

They had been underway for two days and she hadn’t moved and inch from the cabin. While that wasn’t surprising to Kate on one hand, it was that Ferini hadn’t been to see her or to show that Loving was still alive. Why he felt the need to keep the two of them apart on a spacecraft beat the hell out of her. It wasn’t like the two of them could commandeer the ship when it had close to thirty guards onboard!

So, we’re heading back to Necko, Kate thought. I knew, once I saw him again, that he wouldn’t be able to resist doing that. The only thing he sees before his eyes is the money that’ll be made from me fighting.

Even with the factor of money before Ferini’s eyes, something still didn’t add up. Why would he have gone through so much trouble to place the huge bounty just to bring he back to him? There had to be more to the story then was being told!

None of this makes sense, Kate turned her head to look at the ceiling. What is he hiding?

The sound of the door opening made Kate look up from her thoughts. Two of Ferini’s sides of beef stepped into the room and motioned at her. With a sigh, she rolled off the bunk.

“Let me guess,” Kate smiled at them. “You’re here to bring me some Hunan chicken?”

“Come with us,” one of them said.

“Where?” Batting her eyelashes, Kate kept smiling at them. Maybe, she thought, they’ll tell me what’s up. “I never did get a tour of the ship and the exercise facilities.”

“You can come with us, Almir,” the guard said. “Or we can carry you.”

“I’d love to have seen you try,” Kate shrugged and stepped through the door. “Besides, it was worth a try.”

Well, she thought while walking down the corridor, he had finally decided to my exile. There had to be some reason for that to happen too, but what was it?

From the moment Ferini had left Rodeo on his private vessel, things hadn’t made any sense. If the craft were registered in his name, then Fleet would know who had been on Rodeo. However, if Kate had to bet money, she would say that the vessel was under some proxy name that had nothing to do with the Games Master.

The corridor ended at a door, Kate stopped before it. One of the guard’s pushed a button and it slid aside. She stepped inside and looked around. A large gym filled the compartment and it made her sigh. Did she know how to predict the man or what?

A padded mat covered the floor and half of the walls. That was never a good sign, Kate reflected before she saw Ferini. He stood in the center of the room, his black suit impeccable in it’s tailoring. Lining the edge of the mat, behind him, was fifteen of his guards.
This is going to be fun, Kate thought with a groan.

“Katie,” Ferini said. “It’s so nice of you to join us. With our arrival on Necko in two days, I thought it would be good if we tested your skills.”

“‘Tested my skills,’” It was so easy to mock the man. “In other words: ‘I want to kick your ass and I’m going to see how many people it takes to do so.’”

“Colorful as always,” Was his smile a bit more wolfish then usual, Kate wondered. “But essentially correct.”

“I don’t know why you want to waste your time,” Why she was trying to reason with the man, Kate had no idea. There was no talking sense to the Games Master when he made his mind up. “You know, and I know, that I can take out about half the guards before the rest take me down.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Katie,” She watched him cross the room and clear the way for the guards to approach. “I don’t know how many you can handle: thus the purpose of this test.”

“The purpose of this ‘test’ as you like to call it,” It took only a second to tie her hair in a ponytail. “Is to get some semblance of revenge on me for escaping.”

“Well, bravo, Katie, bravo,” Kate shook her head while he clapped his hands. It was this moment then she noticed Jennifer standing in the corner with two guards covering her. “It indeed will be a period of that too, my dear."
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