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The Hunted Chapter 25 snippet (rewritten and changed)

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 137

Kate closed her eyes and rode in silence. Whatever Ferini was up to, there was a good possibility that this ride would take her to the answer. However, that then created another question: what to do to stop him? If he was thinking of something big enough that she needed to be out of the picture, it couldn’t be good.

The lift came to a stop and they stepped out. Loving was waiting for them with a pair of women at her side. One look at Kate and she let her eyes drop to the floor. A word for the guards made Jennifer fall in beside Kate while they made their way down the corridor.

“I’m sorry, Kate,” Jennifer said. “They ambushed me outside the spaceport.”

“Its okay,” A quick smile was enough to lift Jennifer’s countenance. “You weren’t trained to do this kind of work.”

“But it’s my fault,” Loving ran a hand through her hair. “If they hadn’t caught me, then you wouldn’t be here.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Actually it does, Kate thought but she kept it to herself. “Right now, we just do what it takes to stay alive.”

“Which won’t be long if the two of you don’t stop conspiring,” Kate snorted at the guard, and his cheeks turned red before he growled. It was nice to know they’re this predictable, she thought, just like their owner.

Kate didn’t like the fact that Jennifer had gotten herself captured so easily. However, what could she do about it now? Ferini had the both of them and the rules of the game were different. Besides, there was still the matter of Rachel Adams to deal with also.

The sound of their footfalls echoed in the empty corridor. How could Ferini have a ship this empty, Kate wondered. He had to have enough crew to run the vessel or a lot of automation, and there didn’t seem to be evidence of that.

They rounded a corner and came to a stop before a door. Why were they at the cargo bays? Kate gnawed on her inner lip in thought. Was the answer to her questions on the other side? There was only one way to find out…

Without being noticed, she learned the access code again. Ferini really needed to buy some better help, Kate thought with a chuckle. When a guard looked at her, she just shrugged and left them out of her private joke.

When the door slid aside, Ferini and Adams were waiting inside. So, the bitch is here, Kate thought with a sigh, I knew she wasn’t going to be able to resist seeing me like this. I can’t believe I actually trusted her!

“Katie,” Ferini’s black suit was impeccably tailored and Kate found herself being slightly impressed. How he managed to keep it looking that nice was a secret that she would never know. “Nice to see you again.”

“I wish the feeling was mutual,” Kate never took her eyes of Adams, who glared back with equal hostility.

“I imagine you’re wondering why I put the bounty on your head,” The blandness of tone was irritated her just like it did a year ago.

“The thought had crossed my mind,” Kate crossed her arms. “However, why don’t you tell me instead of playing these mind games you love so much?

“But this is one you’ll enjoy, Katie,” He lead them away from the door and around several crates.

They came to a stop before a sealed case, and he opened the lid. Kate saw what were inside and her stomach dropped. No wonder he wanted me out of the picture, she thought. How the hell he got his hands one of those I don’t even want to fathom a guess!

“You do know what this is,” the wolfish smile was broader then ever. “Don’t you, Katie?”

There was no way she was going to give him the answer he wanted. All of this was done to throw humiliation on top of the fact that Necko would be home again. No, he would have to just guess what the hell she was thinking!

“Kate,” Jennifer’s voice sounded deafening in the silent cargo bay. “What is that?”

You don’t want to know, Kate thought, keeping the words to herself.

Kate looked at the device and its control panel with ever-rising dread. These items were hard as hell for Fleet to manufacture and use, much less others. This had to be a top-line unit from Albright Industries. How was the Games Master able to get one from them?

“Don’t you know, Loving?” Kate watched him trail a hand lovingly across the control panel. If the dumbass made the wrong move, they’d all be dead! “You’re friend has dealt with these items personally.”
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