The Hunted Chapter 5 snippet (100% new writing)

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Chapter 5
Six weeks later

A building stood, the lights of the city at night glittering off its glass exterior walls. The thirty-story building was the home of the Alliance’s largest bank, the Bank of Earth. Inside the financial institution, more credits were traded then anywhere else in the Alliance. This fact made the building a target for terrorists and the security inside was daunting.

However, none of it had been able to stop a group from taking the building over. Armed with military grade weapons, they had overpowered the security guards in less then a minute, leaving them with complete control of the bank. It was then that they called the authorities to place their demands.

Police ground cars surrounded the building, blocking traffic in all directions. Multicolored lights flashed from the light bars on the roofs of the vehicles. A discrete distance away, media outlets stood, the police lines keeping them from the scene.

Kate stood on a neighboring building, looking at the scene with an intent gaze. The police had made good time in responding to the call, she had to give them that. However, now that they were on scene, the terrorists had the authorities hopelessly outmatched.

“Commander,” a voice said in her neural link. “What is the word?”

It took a second to realize that the man was talking to her. Reyes had promoted her to Lieutenant Commander (Why? She wondered) after the Syndicate’s attempted recruiting of her. Maybe he didn’t want her being tempted to join the illegal organization, but she wasn’t going to complain about the increase in pay.

Not that I truly give a **** about this stuff, she thought with a snort. I just want to survive and get the hell out of this line of work.

“The Old Man is still working on getting clearance from The Brass,” she said with a sigh.

“If they wait much longer,” the man said. “Then we’ll be old, gray and retired.”

“Patience, Lieutenant,” she thought. “Trust me: things have a way of being very fast paced. Enjoy your downtime while you have it, even if you’re waiting.”

“Yes, sir,”

It took every ounce of Kate’s self-control to keep from chuckling at Lieutenant Pearson’s attitude. New recruits were always the same: they felt like conquering the world. Had she been the same way when she had gotten through with training?

No way, Kate told herself, I was still sick to death of Necko and all the killing there. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever felt invincible for years!

“Tomson,” she sent through her link, turning her thoughts back to the job at hand. “Can you see anything inside?”

“Not much,” Tina Tomson, the team’s sniper said. “They’ve got the polarizing force fields on. I’m barely able to make people out right now.”

“Keep working,” Kate said. “I want know what’s happening in there.”

“Yes, sir,”

Kate looked down at the streets and spotted the non-descript truck sitting back from the police line. The rest of her team had followed their orders to the letter and were in position. While Tomson and Kate were on rooftops, Pearson and the others were waiting for the signal. Until Reyes got a green light from Fleet Admiral Beatty, they were sitting in limbo, unable to make a move.

She placed a foot up on the edge of the roof and let the wind whip through her hair. It felt pleasant running through her raven tresses and Kate closed her eyes. The recruiting effort by Adams had spooked her and it had taken weeks to get over it. Who would have thought that Rachel Adams, after all the things Kate had been through, would be able to get under her skin in such a way?

She was supposed to be dead, Kate thought, not standing before me trying to recruit me into a illegal organization!

Kate leaned her head back and let the wind blow across her face. Adams was alive, there was no debating that, but it didn’t have to change what she did. The Syndicate could do their thing as far as she was concerned. Until they made themselves her business, then Kate wasn’t going to let them worry her.

“Commander,” Reyes’ voice came across her link. “You have a green light to rescue the hostages.”

“I understand, sir,” Kate replied.

“But you need to show restraint with your shooting, Almir,” he said. “We cannot afford to have any civilian deaths, understood?”

“I understand, sir,”

“Your sit report is this,” Reyes said. “One hour ago, ten armed men took over the Bank of Earth. Luckily for everyone involved, most of the workers had left for the day, but there are six civilians left inside. The terrorists are holding them hostage and demanding the Alliance allow all of the border worlds to secede and start their own government.”

“They don’t expect much,” Kate thought dryly.

“Not at all,”
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