The Hunted Chapter 7 snippet (100% new writing)

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Rachel Adams snorted while watching a hacked feed from the banks security system. Anyone trying to capture Almir Like those idiots had done would have been doomed to failure. What in the hell made them think that they possibly could fool a Special Ops Agent into letting that weak trap beat them?

She resisted the urge to spit on the floor in disgust. All the trouble she had gone through to provide bounty hunters with the information to kill Almir and this was all that they could do? Jesus Christ, at this rate, it was going to fall upon her to make sure the bounty was collected.

And I really don’t want to do that, Adams thought.

While it had been easy to take the Syndicate’s offer, it had been something different when the bounty was placed on Almir’s head. There had been too much water under the bridge between them and the time Adams had spent living with Almir had given her a unique respect for the other woman.

The only problem with that respect, came a desire to want to see Almir’s death be clean and neat. However, for the people above her who had placed the bounty, that wasn’t what they had in mind. They wanted the woman to suffer, to die a slow, lingering death. If there was anything that shook Adams’ faith in her employers, it was this.

If they will go to this extreme over Kate, she thought, what will they do to me if I do something wrong?

With a sigh, she sat down and watched her former roommate move through the building. The arrival of the second woman, Jennifer Loving their records had said, had been a surprise to Adams. What were the odds that Almir would have found her best friend from Necko on Alpha Centauri? They were probably larger then anything other then a supercomputer could calculate.

There were still eight people left in the building who could kill Almir, so the game wasn’t over yet. However, despite her employer’s wishes, Rachel was secretly hoping that Almir would escape. While the people above her might sign the paychecks, the friendship she had experienced with Almir meant more to her then the money.

As much I don’t want to see this happen, Adams thought, I did warn you, Kate. Why didn’t you listen to me?

Adams thought back to the day where she had shared the technology being the stealth suits to the bounty hunters. While she had spoken, the back of her mind burned with shame. Almir had been her friend and had taught Adams more then she would ever know about living and dying and here she was betraying the friend who had helped her.

I hope you escape this one, Adams thought, but the next time you will have to die.

She leaned back and watched the proceedings.


They walked in silence, Loving still staring at Kate. There was no doubt in Kate’s mind that Loving thought she was crazy. However, that didn’t bother her a bit because Jennifer couldn’t understand what it was like to be in this position. Yeah, she had been hunted when they escaped from Necko, but nothing like this.

She doesn’t have a ****ing clue, Kate fumed, what it’s like to have people all over the galaxy looking to kill you to collect a goddamn percentage!

Adams had warned there would be serious consequences to turning down the Syndicates offer and she hadn’t been kidding. Kate wondered what would the next move be? Someone, with Adams’ help, had gone through an elaborate effort to try to either kill her or capture her today and the question remained: who or what was the Syndicate?

“You’ve changed,” Loving said after long moments.

“No,” Kate answered. “I haven’t. The situation has changed is all.”

“I’ve always known you to be a cold bitch when necessary,” Loving said. “But not the type to throw a man out a twenty story window.”

“There are three hundred forty million reasons why I did that,” she said. “This is personal now.”

“What have then done to you?” Loving said.

“I’m a soldier, Jennifer,” Kate said. “Just like you are now. The only difference is who I work for and that fact that I’m both judge and defendant.”

“What kind of soldier kills people off hand like you’re doing?”

“The one who has to work for Intelligence,” Kate answered. “Now, are you with me or not? I need your help to find out who is behind this bounty.”

“Of course I’m with you,” Loving said. “What do you think I’d do?”

“Continue to bitch about my actions,”
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