The Hunted Chapter 8 snippet (new writing)

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“I don’t like it,”

Reyes stared at Kate, and Loving, after she had finished her debriefing. His facial expressions had gone from concerned, to angry all the way to disgusted and with good reason. Fleet Intelligence could only operate efficiently if their technology was superior and secret. However, with the aid of Adams, their most use tool, the camouflage suit, had its capabilities out on the streets and in the underworld.

Kate looked at him with a cold expression. While Reyes could get angry at the information being on the street, she had to live with the fact her team had been slaughtered. Was ranting and being disgusted going to bring the men and women who had died back or would it just be a waste of time?

Throw in the fact that three hundred million credits will have every person in the galaxy looking for me, Kate thought with a sigh. And it should be me that is mad instead of him!

A sigh escaped her lips while Reyes paced the room. While he was sitting her carrying on like a spoiled child, the trail was steadily growing colder as to who had placed the bounty. If there was one issue that concerned Kate, the price on her head was it and she was rapidly reaching the point of making a decision.

Reyes can sit here and piss and moan all he wants, she fumed, but if he doesn’t pursue who’s behind it, I will!

Kate ran a hand through her long, raven hair trying to not let the impatience show on her face. This is pure insanity! Anyone with any sense knew that if you wanted to know who was behind something, you went out and starting beating the bushes for information. Why then were they sitting here talking instead of acting?

“Everything about this stinks,” Reyes said with a sigh. “Adams has knowledge of most of the technology we use and she’s putting it into the wrong hands.”

“More pressing then that is the fact that there’s a price on my head, sir,” Kate said, shaking her head.

“I can keep you safe, Almir,”
“I don’t think so,” she said. “Three hundred forty million credits is more then enough to make even the most honest Intelligence agent change sides.”

“You have a very pessimistic view of the world, young lady,” Reyes’ couldn’t have been more condescending if he tried.

“You haven’t had to live the way I have either,” she fired back. “And if you don’t have the nerve to go after Adams and the Syndicate, sir, then I will.”

“You will do no such thing,” Reyes yelled. “Do you understand me?”

He glared at her with fire in his eyes. Kate closed her eyes and ran both hands through her hair again. A throbbing was starting to form behind her eyes. Christ, couldn’t the Old Man understand that nowhere was safe while the money on her head was floating out there? What was it going to take to get him to see her point?

Kate caught Loving looking at her with wide eyes. Shut your mouth, the other woman’s expression said. While normally Kate would have agreed with her friend, this time was different. How was one supposed to keep silent to their superior when a price was on their head-especially when said superior didn’t seem to be worried about it.

You can't, Kate thought while glaring at Loving. I appreciate everything Jennifer has done for me, but this time I have to do this myself whether she likes it or not.

Behind them, the door opened and the Admiral’s adjunct entered. Kate didn’t take her eyes off Loving while the man approached her. However, the look of fear that crossed the other woman’s face made Kate turn her head.

“Gun!” Loving screamed.
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