The Hunted Chapter 9 snippet (new writing)

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A gust of wind ran through Kate’s hair, blowing it out behind her like a cape while she walked. If anyone was trying to track her, they were going to be disappointed. Before leaving Intelligence’s headquarters, she had dyed her hair blonde and switched into civilian clothes.

Dressed in a black shirt and gray pants with her leather jacket, no one would suspect who she was. Across the street, Loving kept pace with her while also wearing a seat of non-descript clothing. The two of them had caught sight of three more bounty hunters just in the half hour they had been on the streets.

Jesus, Kate thought barely suppressing a groan, what is this, a bounty hunting convention?

A short blonde haired woman caught Kate’s eyes while she walked. Buffed up to the point of being almost mannish, the woman made her way through the throngs with a purposeful manner. Everything about her, from her head to her toes, screamed former military and Kate felt herself go on high alert.

Without drawing attention to herself, Kate dropped a hand into her coat pocket. She cradled the Kimber while the other woman approached. It was obvious the bounty hunter was a professional and experienced which made this even more stressing for Kate.

I just need to make it by her without being noticed, Kate reminded herself.

In the aftermath of the attack in Reyes’ office, Kate had decided to dye her hair. It had been the most logical thing to do since she couldn’t have facial reconstruction surgery in the short time allowed. After they had finished, even Loving was amazed at how much it changed Kate’s appearance.

The bounty hunter looked at Kate briefly and kept walking. A feeling of relief washed over her and she released the breath she had been holding. If that was the hardest thing she was going to face on the street, then this wasn’t going to be too bad after all.

“Don’t look now, Kate,” Loving whispered in her ear. “But I think you might have company trailing you.”

A quick glance across the street showed two men following Loving too. Damn, it had to be going too easy didn’t it? Whoever was being this wasn’t being too careful and they were trailing Loving too.

They figure if they don’t find me, Kate thought with a sigh, than Loving would lead them to me. Smart, very smart, on someone’s part!

With Loving being tailed, Kate’s hand was forced. There was no way she could afford to meet up with her friend or their pursuers would get two for the price of one. This meant that Jennifer was going to have to be what they had agreed to: the decoy. With the bounty hunters following Loving, then Kate would be free to find Burgess.

“You’re going to have to let them keep following you,” Kate thought while walking.

“I understand,” Loving said in her ear. “I’ll keep them on a merry little chase.”

“Just be careful, Jennifer,” Kate thought with a sigh. “They have no qualms about hurting or killing you if it will bring me onto the scene.”

“Ouch, don’t I know that,”

Now with things settled between her and Loving, it was time for Kate to hunt for Burgess. It wouldn’t take the bounty hunters long to learn of their deceit and be back looking for her. There would be maybe and hour or two to work and she needed to make the most of that time.

Burgess, according to Intelligence files, ran a Pawn Shop down in the Belfast section of Dublin. It was a rough part of town renown for strip clubs, pubs and fights galore. If there were anywhere on Ireland that someone would be paying bounty hunters at, that would be the place.

Kate contemplated the situation while she approached a parked motorcycle. She had purchased it a couple days before going on the Alpha Centauri mission and it was something that Adams knew nothing about. A smile crossed her lips when she realized one of the advantages of being an undercover operative and being hunted: no one really knew the real Kate. Adams might think she did, but in the end that would come back to bite her in the ass.

Hell, Kate snorted while kick starting the Ducati, even Jennifer doesn’t know me like she used to!
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