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The infamous 'Break up"

Published by CarolineSavage in the blog CarolineSavage's blog. Views: 102

"I can't do this anymore, i'm sorry" "No please, was it me?" " It's not you its me". Typical break up situation leaving you flat on your ass to what dive in the freezer to grab expried choclate ice cream and watch sappy reality shows reminding you of what just happend...No. Break ups are brudel i now all about them but the mistake all girls make is doing that exact thing its because you don't now what to do he left you and now your lost. You will need some time to cry and just be yourself no makeup, sleep it sounds awful but its in the break up process i got told the same and i thought hell no that sounds so depressing it makes you feel better next you will for sure need some type of alcoholic drink, underage, overage, teen or women get some alcohol i'm not recomending you get full out drunk but have some alcohol in your system. Get a gym membership to cleanse your body its good for you and makes you feel great, go to the hair salon and get a new haircut, highlights whatever you need get done. Get your nails done make yourself look good and you will feel good. Start to go out im not talking about dating yet im talking about a night out with your friends see a movie go out for a drink. When my boyfriend broke up with me i was so scared like s#@! now what do i do?! you feel abandoned and confused you analize every detail betwen your last night out and the type of shirt he wore to your birthday dinner. A break up is a personal experience you have to deal with yes your friends are there to support you but its mostly you who has to get over this. Don't throw yourself at men (which i did) the day after we broke up i made out with some guy... DO NOT DO! You might be ready to put yourself out there or you may not be if your not dont pressure yourself, this is all about you. A broken heart takes time to heal its not an over night process the hole process of getting over it is awful but once your healed you feel great trust me! your not alone lots of women and teens go through this. Be confident that you will get over the heart break you need to be positive the more you dought yourself you will get no where be positive it will be hard but you need to try. Be happy no one deserves this but you will get through it if you follow all of these steps, i wish someone told me all of this when i got dumped but now i know what to do for next time (if there is one) find out what works for you in a break up situation and share your thoughts.
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