The Jedi Confusion?

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This just occured to me after watching some Star Wars the other day.

I never understood the Jedi doctrine of “Don’t kill anyone that is unarmed no matter how evil they are!” (See Anakin/Dooku and Mace/Palapatine in Revenge of the Sith)

I mean, what if someone, through some miracle, cornered Hitler and was about to kill him for the good of the world and a Jedi Master came? I could see it now:
(Berlin, Germany)

(The Assassin, known as Stauffie, smiles with glee. He has trained his whole life for this moment, to kill the most evil man on the planet and stop the atrocities. Finally, here and now, he has the man where he wants him. He knocks the door to Hitler’s private office down.)

Stauffie: All right, you puny (bleeep)! I have you right where I want you. You’re cornered with no way out, and I have knocked your bodyguards and other officers into comas. Prepare to die!

(Suddenly, a Jedi Master comes)

Jedi Master: Nooo! Don’t kill him!

Stauffie: Um, yes, I think I should. This guy’s more evil than you know and-

Jedi Master: But if you strike him down in anger, you’ll be no better than he is.

Stauffie: So, essentially, I have to let him continue his reign of terror all over Europe? Let him initiate a horror that will claim the lives of millions of innocent men, women, and children? Is that what I’m hearing? I should just let him walk rather than ending it all right here and now?

Jedi Master: Yes. The Force wills it to be so.

Stauffie: Wow. Just…just wow…

Adolf Hitler: Hey! It’s good enough for me! :D Tootles! (Skips merrily away)

Stauffie: (To Jedi Master) Some guardian of peace and justice you are…
Eh, it was just an observation. :p No need for morality debate. It was just an excuse for me to come back. lol
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