The joys of second hand bookshops

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In the current turmoil of long work hours and stressful studies, not to mention the on coming heat of the summer (it's the third day of June and already Tokyo is like an armpit) it's nice to have some place i can kick back and forget about everything else. That place for me is my local second hand bookshop. Every time I go in there is like a delightful treasure hunt searching for unknown gems that lurk in every cranny. Having spent nearly two years living in a town where the only books in English were John Grisham novels, Samurai philosophies, back copies of One Piece or biographies of Obam it is a wonderful breath of fresh air to be able to walk into Blue Parrot and browse to my hearts content.
The month before last, the great quake caused the shop to close temporarily and I was in a panic about whether this meant that the lovely girl who works there on Fridays (the day of the quake) was hurt as the books pilled high all around toppled on top of her. Luckily she was fine, but the overburdened shelves weren't hence the closure.
I love books I always have, the new, the old the dog eared, the pristine it matters not. I love them I want them and if I could survive purely on oxygen I would spend my last penny on them and form myself a castle made from piled paperbacks and a protective roof fashioned from Folio edition histories. Sitting naked and gleeful amdist the different tomes I would feel like I didn't need a thing.
Friday is the best day of the week, not because its the weekend (I work saturdays) but that is the day I go to the Blue Parrot and find some new wonder to get me through the week. Today its Kafu Nagai's Geisha in Rivarly. I can't wait. :D
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