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Now heres a good book. I'm halfway through and its like reading a Batman novel only this guy Zso Sahaal is an evil bugger, with vengence upon his mind.

Young Interrogator Mita Ashyn struggles to prove herself worthy to her master despite her growing feelings of unease at the hypocrisy within the Inquisition. When they visit the remote and sunless hive-world of Equixus, she suspects nothing more than minor corruption and heresy.

Night Lords Commander Sahaal has been in exile for ten thousand years, plotting to defeat his treacherous rival Acerbus and once again rule over his dark army. To do this he must find an ancient artefact that was stolen from him, and nothing - not even the Inquisition - will stand in his way.

The full horror of the Chaos Space Marines is revealed in this pulse-pounding SF thriller from sensational new author Simon Spurrier.
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