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The Leap of Faith

Published by rajvishal25 in the blog rajvishal25's blog. Views: 379

Does anybody among the readers here know the taste of water coming from the thinning layer of a glacier after trekking the rough mountainous terrains for 4 constant hours??

Has anybody seen the Sun going down into the ocean standing on a jet ski in the middle of the ocean full of sharks??

Did anybody care to get himself clicked with the funny and ugly faces in a party of gorgeous and sophisticated people??

Did anybody ever get a chance to race with a school of fishes in their own territory 100 metres deep onto the ocean bed??

Did you ever dance for the whole night in your true form without acknowledging who else is watching you, despite of the fact that you have to hit your work place early in the morning??

Has anybody ever felt breathlessness while sky diving from 15000 ft surpassing the snow clad Alps Mountains??

I believe many have not; I also believe many would call it crazy. I agree, this indeed is crazy but just remember that, it is only these crazy souls which infuse the energy into the wheel of life systems to keep it running. The problem is that we all are so scared of death that we forget to live and appreciate the life. The real life is composed of only those crazy memories when you hold the hands of your passion and unleash the real wild part of you without the slightest grudge or burden on your soul. It unlocks a channel within you, hidden and unknown so far and helps you to take a deep dive into your inner self. You are no more embarrassed but are enlightened. It is the soul stirring moments which define your life. Generally, such moments come unexpectedly. But then, there are a few who take the plunge to experience such moments. Armed with the guard of self-belief, they take a leap of faith into the world of unknown and become the fortunate ones to experience bliss and real ecstasy. The universe bows down to the courage and deep faith of such people. They are the mystics carrying the rays of hope; they become the pathfinders showing the way to the suffering souls; they are the knights carrying the sword of light, slicing the darkness causing heartaches.

Come, join hands with me and let’s follow the path of self-discovery through the “Iconoclast” way; Let’s pulsate our nerves and have a “LEAP of FAITH” together and let’s have a loud hearty laugh which would echo in the universe for ever.
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