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The Learning

Published by ChimmyBear in the blog ChimmyBear's blog. Views: 85

There are times when I do everything right, and there times when I don't. And it's funny, I never know if I am good Chim or not so good Chim. It really depends upon your point of view.

Recently I have been MIA. Those of you who know me, know that I have had a lot of big life stuff going on. Trying to balance it all has proven arduous. I keep thinking that I can please myself and everybody else, even though I know it's just not possible, and yet I continue to believe the lie.

I traded my identity for that of a greater expectation. Stayed home, left the computer for only bill paying and such, stopped cursing, quit smoking, didn't go out for drinks, and dressed more "mature". I was MISERABLE.

In doing everything that I thought was "responsible" I lost myself. Upon returning home from some alone time, I realized that I haven't written anything in over six months. Nothing, not even a private thought.

So, I truly believe I am at my worst when I am not true to myself. A mistake I am sure not to be making anytime soon.
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