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The Light I Saw : The Progression and Finale

Published by Jane Beryl in the blog Jane Beryl's blog. Views: 89

Alright, so after trying to make myself better and change the past, I will now show you what happened in the past and what is the new look on my old poem.

"The Light I Saw" version 1

"The Light I Saw" version 2

"The Light I Saw" version 3

Thank you Jo, Frost and Breathe for your critisims and support. You shall see my oldies pop up again as I still have writer's block.

Also, something I found, Elementary School Girl Syndrome is starting to take a buzz. While, I think I was the one who told Frost about it, at the same time, I think the disease reference is spreading. I'm contagious, oh boy, everyone run!​
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