The Light I Saw

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The Light I Saw

With Jo Spumoni's Suggestions

When I went to your house, I saw no one.
When I ran to you, your heart shattered.
When I hugged you, you cried in pain.
When I tried to comfort you, your heart iced over.

I loved you more than my breath.
I walked with you until Armageddon came and left us.
I am yours, my red string wrapped around your body.

I saw the light in you.
You saw the world with fear.
I tried to show you kindness
but you ran away from my love.
Your heart was ice when we met
But now it thawed.

As time passed,
Your stone shield crumbled.
As time passed,
You found someone.
And though it was not I,
I'm glad you saw the light.

Can't wait for Frost's suggestions!
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