The long awaited revealing...

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After much waiting and excitement, the draft cover for the Eglish/U.S. version of Samhane, is revealed!

Now, just be aware that this is NOT the finished version. Danny Evarts, of Shroud Magazine, is still working on all the fonts, shades and lighting, and there is still the blurb to go on as well.

The artwork on the cover is by Patrick McWhorter, and my gosh, this guys work is AMAZING! I mean, if you look at the attachment below, you will see just how much detail this man puts into his work. I was amazed by just how much detail he has put into this painting.

Anyways, for more information on the book and for any other updates from Dan, or to kill a few minutes reading a blog, follow the link below.

Have a great one all!
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