The Master of the World.

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The Master of the World.
(Dedicated to Jules Verne)

The turbines whirl the circuits click,
he pulls an ominous relay stick, and
thumbs he's fob and turns the knob,
to send the “Terror” hurtling forth.

Mad driven steam, and empire dreams,
he defies us all to thwart his schemes.

At speeds un-dreamed, the dark machine
will to all eyes speed unseen.

And in one fell stroke, in an opera cloak;
he’ll remake the world in fire and smoke.

He’ll shame the scoffers and purge all the
flock, repopulate the Earth with a nobler

He’ll cleanse all the lands in a darkened rebirth,
and when it’s done he’ll lift off his fell curse,
he’ll remove all the bones and reset the tone.

It was Nemo’s dream, it’s now Robur’s throne!

With one piston stroke and a sharp flywheel spoke,
Robur will stride through all the billowing smoke.

And in fear he’ll be held, man is he’s to meld, for
he is the Master of all the World.
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