The mixed blessing

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e-technology is a wonderful thing until it isn't. I work mostly on Google Docs through my Chromebook. Yesterday I had a very productive morning, and hoped for more of the same after lunch. But no. The machine would not power up, even when plugged to the charger. I spent the better part of an hour trying "tricks" posted by computer geeks, to no avail. And this lower-cost, e.g. cheap machine has a very hard to access battery. At least it's still under warranty, though I have to box and UPS it. To Arizona. Which I will. And, fortunately, because of Google Docs my own mss are backed up.

But it reminded me how easy it is to get addicted to a way of communicating. I have seen facsimiles of old-time author's manuscripts, hand-written with numerous crossouts and insertions. I wonder if I could do that, with my poor penmanship and ever-changing word choices. But at least paper and pen or pencil never crash. Nor did my old Remington typewriter.
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