The Molesting Hug

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Have you ever had someone hug you and after the hug is over and done with you almost want to check and make sure all of your clothes are still on? Possibly after said hug you feel the sudden urge to bathe, it is sometimes the natural reaction. Has a hug ever gone on far past the time that it should have? To the point where you do the awkward two pats on the back, and the person still doesn’t release you.

This is what we fondly call “The Molesting Hug” in my family. My aunt is a big fan of the molesting hug, especially when it comes to my friends of the male variety. I feel terrible when I see that pleading look in their eyes as they seek me out for help. There isn’t a whole lot that I can do for them in that situation though.

This is generally how “The Molesting Hug” starts. Someone (generally someone that you do not wish to hug) will wrap their arms around you, and then instead of letting go after the normal few seconds, they cling to you like glue. Now with a lover or a particularly good friend, the overly long hug is acceptable, especially if you haven’t seen that person for a long period of time. However with anyone else, the normal few seconds is the only acceptable hug. Not only do they not let you go, they also get way to close for it to even be considered a hug any longer. Now it is some creepy pre sex ritual that you can’t get out of. Then they rub their hands up and down your back, not in the sweet comforting way, but in the creepy you’re going to get raped way.

Then sometimes, and this is only a sometimes, they will whisper something beyond weird in your ear. If the whisper does happen, which is not a guarantee, then you will not be looked down upon for pushing said “molesting hugger” away forcefully. If it takes more force than just a push, you have yourself a stalker.

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