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The Most Awesome Thing In The World.

Published by Xeno in the blog Xeno's blog. Views: 140

Okay, maybe only for me, then.

I have a piece of software called Audacity on my computer, a sound editing program that is quite amazing, but also FREE. There is also a large community of members that create plug ins, to allow more sound edity stuff.

One plug in I found while browsing the library (when I should be working) was a ring modulator. I know that won't ring any bells for most of you, except maybe one or three, so I shall explain.

Hook up a microphone to a ring modulator and you have the perfect tool to create A DALEK. Or the dalek voice, anyway.

Allow me to demonstrate:

This clip is an excerpt from one Yahtzee Croshaw (The only clean voice recording I had on my computer due to lack of a microphone)

This is the clean version:
Bionic Commando Clean Excerpt.mp3

This is the Dalek Version:
Bionic Commando Dalek Excerpt.mp3

How AWESOME is that? :D

Any requests? :p

EDIT: Alternate video
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