The Mountain (edited)

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He saw her on the mountain, smiling from afar
naked as the huntress in a painting by Renoir
His heart cried out with yearning, forced his every stride
and many times he stumbled as he hurried to her side
He scrambled up that mountain, his purpose to fulfill
Yet every time he saw her, she'd climbed higher still

And when at last he wearied, he slept right where he fell
In dreams south-east of midnight in a town north-west of hell
Where fools pursuing rainbows, could never hope to see
A mistress with her back turned, where a crock of gold should be
Then come the dawn he shivered, and spied as he awoke
A hag upon the summit, transparent in a cloak

He came down from the mountain. At home he closed the door
No longer would he dream of chasing rainbows anymore
Reflecting on a man who’d seen the truth and realized
He gazed into the mirror of ambition set aside
There was no expectation, or comfort to betide
The fool who’d left a daydream upon a mountainside
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  • A man called Valance
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