The Mystery of Grumpy Gus and the Haunted House

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I had the pleasure last evening of reading a story written by the 10 year old nephew Collin. It was very clever. It was about these kids who lose their ball in the yard of their grumpy naighbor in the spooky house. There are always weird ghostly howling noises coming from it. Gus refuses to return their ball, so sneak into the house to get it back. They are confronted by one big ghost and 10 little ghosts. Only, the little ghosts act strange. They chase their tails and scratch their ears. They aren't ghosts! They are puppies in ghost costumes and Grumpy Gus is trying to scare the kids. They get their ball back, but it is covered in dog spit, so they don't want it anymore and decide to go trick-or-treating.

I thought it was a very clever story. There were some areas where it was obviously written by a 10 year old. There were parts where I know Nana helped with grammar and punctuation. It was very cute though. It made me remember when I was a young writer. That was a LONG time ago. lol
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