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Recently, in the midst of the night when I lay awake, I had a thought come to me for a character. At the time it was just a fleeting thought that didn't hold much grounds or basis. I merely knew that I wanted to use this character and create them. So I set out to begin writing a description for them.
When I first imagined the character, it registered in my mind as mostly being female, as most of my characters are. However, as I began to write the words twisted and withered, forming a web and a new picture of this one character. My female had turned male.
I had no problem with it actually, because it seemed to suit the character more to me now then it had before. So I decided to keep the character male. But I soon found that I have some major problems with this character that I can't seem to find a way to work through.
You see, in the beginning of the development, I only knew two things about my character.
1. The basic description.
2. They were cursed by the gods.
So there in lay the problem, I had to find more for my character to better develop them. I tried writing to flesh them out, but nothing felt right about the character. So I spent the next while trying to work off what I did know. Which created a bit of uncertainty for me.

Let's start from the beginning, with the description of the character.
The character is small in stature, with a farmer boy tan. They have copper red hair, like Christina Hendricks', and two different colored eyes. His left eye is covered by a patch, while his right remains visable. His right eye is a brilliant stormy grey-blue.
And that's pretty much all I have on his description. I plan to make it so that his left eye is the part of his body that marks he was cursed by the gods, but my reasoning is still unknown.
Now, the thing about his decription, which my friend pointed out to me. Is that he resembles a lot of characters we know from anime.
In the sense of his basic description, he reminded us of Lavi from D.Gray Man (see link posted at end of blog).
In the fact that his left eye is cursed he reminded us of Allen from the same series (see second link posted at end of blog).
This made me wonder if I hadn't created a character that was merely a copy of someone else's characters.

So as I mauled over my new-found character, I was able to think up some background information on him, but not his actual biography.
What I was able to decide upon was that he was going to be the son of a shrine maiden. Which I'm still trying to iron out all the details on. The second thing I was able to decide upon was that he was going to be a warrior who was bathed in the blood of others and now feels he has to make ammends and repay for his crimes. This second part also made me realize that he reminded me of other characters. Two of them actually. The first is Kenshin from the series Rorouni Kenshin (see third link posted below) and Xena, from the series Xena: Warrior Princess (see fourth link posted at end of blog). Which only furthered my concerns for this character.

For now I decided not to focus on the idea that he may be a copy-cat in fear of getting discouraged and instead tried to focus on developing the missing information I had. Which meant finding a name for him, his background history, and why the gods cursed him.
Luckily, one night when talking to my friend, I was able to discover a name for him purely by chance. My friend was having quite the night of typos and couldn't seem to get anything spelled correctly. One such typo was horos, which she meant as horrors. But upon seeing that typo, I instantly sounded it out in my head, pulling it apart and thought about it as a name. It then was flipped around to be Soroh and the pronounciation was changed to Soh-row".
So now my new character has a name... kind of. I am not sure where that name will fit in or how, I just know that it will be refrenced to him.
But now that still leaves my struggle to figure out a biography, and a reason for being cursed, oh, and his personality.

And hopefully, try to find a means to make him entirely original and not a copy-cat. Which at the moment is my biggest concern for him, because the more I try to develop him, the more he starts to seem like other characters I know.
Maybe once I have everything figured out I can begin to fit him into a story idea.

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