The night is magical

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I think I've finally figured out why I love the night so much, it's so vague, but has always been so bewitching. It's because it's so dark. Even with streetlights, the majority of the world is veiled in swallowing shadows. So many mysteries could be lurking just beyond what our eyes can't see.

I adore the supernatural in every sense, and the idea that maybe there's more to life than logic and science. So I love to imagine that there's a whole other secretive world among our own. Just because people don't experience it, doesn't mean it isn't real, and I think it's quite ignorant of humans to deny something just because they haven't seen it. It gives the impression of bloated arrogance in my opinion; 'I haven't seen it, so it can't be real'. Maybe the night feels so mysterious because it's the prime time for those in hiding to emerge, because it's safer when mere mortals are blind.
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