mugen shiyo Oct 4, 2011
Cheers to that. It seems like death comes in seasons. For the longest I'm not even aware of it and then people just start dying. Recently a classmate got hit on his motorcycle. Then the friend of one of the other classmates also got killed on his.

I admire your attitude, and I like the wording. It really does feel like the only good part about a dream is that you like it cause you want it so bad. But the space between dreams and fulfillment is nothing but work. It's cool when you inch your way to your goals, though.

If you don't mind my asking, what are you shooting for in life? Seems you got something to be really passionate about and right now, you're one of those people who are inspiring me with their sense of positivity...besides the two fingers up the world thing. That's just nasty and I'd wash my hands before I ate or anything :p