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The Occult and Mysticism

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 303

I find the occult and mysticism really engaging subjects. It's like a subtle game you play with your mind, your emotions, and your senses, delicately weaving reality with illusion, infusing mystery into clarity. It takes the world and makes a tantalizing puzzle that only gets deeper and deeper the more you try to solve it. Why? Because soon, you begin to add to the creation of the world you've been drawn into. Completely taken, you switch one reality for the next. Isn't this the exact same thing we try to accomplish as authors? A sort of engaging hypnotism that the reader finds himself less and less wanting to escape from, providing an alternate world, an alternate existence that he can explore, assimilate, and ultimately progress in?

I also like the very artistic part about it. The way shapes, characters, pictures, events and all take on a meaning whose mystery is derived from not knowing the architects purpose in making the symbol. How the definition of things defined spiritually merge together to form a complex, entrancing mosaic of the fusion of the architects mind, soul, and earthly experiences. Of his emotions, his thoughts, and his ambitions. In the sense of most general occult symbols and the like, they come from many different sources but ultimately build to a general view of things.

In essence, the occultic mystery is like a prism that can be brought together in two or more ways. The apparent way that it is in is the wrong way, but it seems right and perfect. But the object is fractured and piecing it anew, you see, slowly, another path, another way of believing unfold. Soon, you have a new world equally or more beautiful than the next. And you can only wonder if that, too, is the right one.
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