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Love fully, live happily, and forgive unconditionally.

Growing takes learning; learning takes understanding, understanding takes trying, and trying takes

Wield your pen so that it may maim the confidence of the guy with the sword.​

Don't underestimate Forever until you are on your deathbed.

Life goes on whether you're weak or strong, just try not to be dragged along. You have to get up and strut, or at least pretend not to crawl.

Loves come and go; your knowledge will follow you to the grave.

Beauty on the outside does not outweigh your ugly insides.

Never ask "What are you laughing at," if you don't already know, then it's you.

Green money makes others green with envy; but your stupid pride makes them laugh.​

Life is all about living, loving, and giving.

We grow lighter when we snip our leaves,
more fulfilled when we nourish our branches,
and stronger when we strengthen our roots.

Smiling at the idiot will get you farther than smacking him.​

To lie in matters of love is to smack the heart acrost its mouth.

One of the biggest lessons you’ll ever learn is that the world revolves around the sun,

Only those who extend their hands in help should ever extend their hands in want.​

Do not confuse Love with science or math, Love cannot be taught in the classroom.

As humans, we do not read minds; so, if you’ve something to say, please use the organs located at the bottom of your face.​

Real friendships last beyond convenience.​
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