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The Order: The Green Queen

Published by GuardianWynn in the blog GuardianWynn's blog. Views: 371

Another poem. Wrote this one today. Might be the best or worst thing I ever wrote. I will let you decide. :D As always. Hope you enjoy.

The Order: The Green Queen

Throughout my life, I've been sure of just one thing:
The natural order; our one and only King.
Try as you will, and try as you might,
will not change, you'll lose that fight.
But do not weep at that conclusion,
because it's superior to the illusion.

If we accept the aforementioned basis,
and its only desire for homeostasis,
then we can take the time to realize,
all of the little things that implies.
Without cruelty, we cannot be sweet,
to invoke only one will lead to defeat.

It requires a great strength to be delightful,
to suspend the tainted desire to be frightful,
but what if you should lack the ability?
Or are destined to lose your nobility?
Then the last thing left you can strive for,
should be to forge a hero that's worth more.

But heroes are not born in light,
they do not rise when all is right.
They stand against sorrow and disdain,
or the spark of need for a great campaign.
If you cannot be the source of hope: A Knight,
then be the kindling that brings such into sight.

I am the Queen,
fated to be green,
because I am mean.
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