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Are you a purveyor of customer service? Ever run into these folks?

The Low Talker. Almost a whisper from this most mousy of callers. As likely to be a fellah as a gal. Hesitant to give information. Will drop the voice even lower into inaudible registers at the tail end of giving information.

The Up Talker. Swings the last word up at the end of every sentence whether it is a question or not. Rarely a fellah.

The Loud talker. Believes that their voice is being carried acoustically across the miles and so yells the information into the phone to the point of distorting the speaker.

The Lawyer. Has never attended law school but is informed of every law that they believe to be in existence. This person almost always has a brother, sister, uncle, father, mother, cousin, who they claim is an actual lawyer.

No bill ~ No pay. The person who believes that if the bill doesn’t come, then they don’t have to pay, not matter how many months of service they have received prior to the shutoff of their services. This person also believes that there is one representative per account, keeping personal tabs on the daily transactions of said account.

The Liar. Comes in an assortment of colors to include, but not be limited to:

The check is in the mail.

No one ever told me that!

What deductible?

I never got it.

The Interrupter. Starts talking when the other person still has between two and three words left in their sentence. (Violent thoughts flash through my mind)

Dumberella. Plays dumb in order to get a sympathy vote. Usually very polite. At the very tail end of the conversation Dumberella often gives his/her hand away by doing a concise and precise wrap-up of everything they have just garnered in this call. Who’s dumb now?
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