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The People's Bad Day

Published by Rumple in the blog Rumple's blog. Views: 118

When will we think with logic instead of emotion? Once we learn a behavior it becomes a part of who we are embedded in our complex DNA. Can you unlearn a behavior that is tethered to what you are made up of?

Emotion is such a complex language, we wear it on our faces and we carry it in our words. Our body responds to the stimulus we are given and we react based on how we learned to react to the stimulus our body language reflects, it has become a part of the subconscious, we tend to not realize what our bodies are doing or how we look while we are in reaction mode, because we've been doing these action ever since we could remember. We don't think to do most of what we do. Breathing, for example, we do not have to take the time to focus complete attention on taking a breath of fresh air, we just do.

I went into town the other day and as I drove and stopped to get food, people showed me emotions, I could read what may have ben going through an individual's mind based on their actions or facial expressions. I went to a pizza place to order food, my wife is currently pregnant and we ordered half the menu to help suit our unsightly enjoyment of food. I finished ordering and pulled out my card and the lady says,
"Oh, sorry we only take cash or check." Well I didn't have the checkbook I don't just carry one around and all I had was my credit card in my wallet. I could see the empathy in her eyes as I turned around and slowly walked away.

I drove downtown to yet another pizza place that we found, only to be crowded with date night college students. A small hole in the wall place with young men and women flowing out into the sidewalk. Needless to say, we continued to drive. I watched a young man with a young woman as we drove by slowly because we hadn't made our way this far into town before. I could tell she really liked this guy but he wanted more, he tried to kiss her on the cheek as they were walking holding hands and she allowed this. He attempted a second peck and she turned away to the right smiling and laughing, uncomfortably telling him to stop as she put her leg up to create distance between her and this lad. He wore his confused expression on his face but laughed it off because he didn't want to be played the fool and they kept walking without rejoining hands. Her arms were now crossed holding her jean jacket together as they walked towards the city lights.

Finally, my wife and I ended up getting pizza, although it wasn't from where we wanted we settled. I really wanted to get a rootbeer float from Sonic and I did. The gentleman who had brought me my refreshments brought one straw for my wife and one spoon for myself. He had the look of failure in his eyes as he lowered his head down and went to get a straw when I could have easily used the spoon, he still insisted. He brought one to me and walked away with his head hung low. I watched as he walked away shaking his head like he had failed, maybe he was having a rough day.

Every person experiences things in life differently. Some enjoy what others fear, some love what others don't like. I watched people today you could say that I was people watching but it brings me back to this one point. We all have a story, we all have a reason, we all have emotion, but we all do not have an understanding or empathetic approach to life and our fellow humans.

People only change when the lives of others affect the way of life for society. We are the stimuli.
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