The Pivotal First Entry

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Aren't words a marvelous thing? At a young age I learned to play with them, manipulate them, change, warp and use them. Language replaced my lego as a toy of choice. I don't simply settle for a sentence that gets the point across. I view a sentence as a piece of art. How you form it reflects a bit of your inner self. You're remembered most for your words in my opinion. No matter what you do, it'll be your words while doing it that people quote. All the great historical figures are like that. We reap the rewards of their actions, and quote them. Their words were their ideas, and by mirroring their words, we too can enact similiar changes today. Words are powerful. The words you choose to say can be the difference between keeping a friend and losing a friend. Finding that balance between using words, and not using words is key too.

Some nice philosophizing for my first entry. I like this place so far, so there will be more blog entries to come, sharing some of my stuff and what not.
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