The poor City of Golden Rock

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Golden Rock

Ruler: Arch Mage Midan
Power Structure: Wizard Dictatorship, with leader chosen by Trail by Magic.
Population: 50,000 in the city, 40,000 in surrounding area.
Population Breakdown: 98% human, 2% Elf (All of which are the Wizard Aristocracy or their relatives)
Army: 10,000 militia (average), 200 wizards (Elite), 2000 Mercenary (average)
Focus of Knowledge: Magic. Non-magic things are primitive compared to most other cities.
Allies: None. Arch Mage Midan frowns on non-magic things and has let all former alliances drop.

Golden Rock used to be rich, it used to be powerful, and it used to have effective leadership. No more.
Fifty years ago the rich gold veins that made the city rich ended, leaving the city with virtually no industry. The city leaders searched desperately for some way to slow its decent into poverty to no avail.
Then they got an unexpected offer. Elven mages tired of their own homes, arrived with gold. They paid the city with several tons of unworked gold in return they took over.
They believed they'd be able to create a magical utopia as leaders, and tried to turn the city into a magical paradise.
Unfortunately the city still had no resources, and the wizards extravagant spending caused it to spiral further into debt.
Finally when the wizards could borrow no more money, they resorted to selling their services. This has allowed the city to stabilize somewhat. But it isn't enough. People are fleeing the city, and it has become known for crime, poverty, disease and waste. Only the shining towers of the Wizards look beautiful in this pathetic excuse for a city.
This is the weakest city. So players try for something in between this and Tilf.
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