The Pros and Cons of living in Poland

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I have lived in Poland for the last two months after moving from Canada. Why am I here? Because univeristy is free if you're a Polish citizen. My sister had to do student loans in Canada and she'll be paying them off for years to come. My mother didn't want that for me, so here I am, somewhat against my will, I may add.

Without further ado...


-Living on my own is amazing. I am not exactly independent as I rely on my parents for money, but I am free to do whatever I like otherwise. Probably the biggest plus for being here. :)

-I have two adorable rats named Pandora and Alice. :love: If I lived back home in Canada my mother would not have allowed me to have any pets.

-The food here is cheap, tasty, and apparently more organic than in Canada

-My whole family (aside from my parents and siblings) live here.

That's about it, which is pretty pathetic. Haha.


Do I understand Polish? About 75% of it.
Do I speak Polish? Very minimally. My tongue is non-existent whenever people try to force me to speak the language, though. Ugh.
Do I read or write Polish? No.

The fact that I am not bilingual is the biggest issue I have to face. And I am not sure that I'll be able to overcome my fear of speaking the language. :/

-Everything here is expensive (besides the food, as I've mentioned)

-I have no friends here (aside from this one guy who is also Canadian but I don't like him too much) so I can go days without speaking to anyone in real life. I am pretty much a lone wolf anyway, but this is a tad...extreme.

-University is apparently quite challenging here. And why am I taking English Philology if I am already a native English speaker?!

If my sister lived with me, this would be a wonderful situation. But right now I feel a little strange, to put it lightly. When my dad buys me a computer (this week?!) I'll feel a whole lot better.

Help me. o_o
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