The "Uni-Verse" and/or The "Word"

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Continuing my (R.O.W.) Religion of Writing comments...

Typically, writing deals with some type of love interest. In the most obvious sense this is of the male/female kind. As I've tried to prove - despite those many without rhetorical and/or logical skills tried to disprove - this need not be soley confined to the the love between a man and woman. That is not the only form of love...

To be both marketable, and to be popular - either within life or death - a writer must have both an objective and method. Female/male.

The universe, is, IMHO, the "line" which is both the complex and the solution to the complex of the ideal "woman" - or feminine principle. The Universe, is, after all, often respresented by an "O", sideways 8 - the infinity sign. it is universally (no pun intended) thought of as a wide open space with Billions of stars and potential for life.
The word is for the feminine writer. It is the single atom of principle, action, thought, emotion, etc. out of an entire sea of such things which expresses the love for the masculine.

Psychologically, the tools of the trade of writing should prove my point - the pen, ink, and book....:redface::D
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