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The Ramblings of Rumple

Published by Rumple in the blog Rumple's blog. Views: 95

How do you exist in such a capacity where the universe seems to hover above; somewhere between ignorance and sense, because common went down the toilet with the ever so available invention of the smartphone coupled with the internet and wifi hot-spots of course?

We tend to exist and rely on these so called friends we network through, with our bullshit social media outlets. Claiming to the fake facade that we somehow share an intimate relationship? ‘LOL’ had replaced the laughter and chuckling of friends out to eat at a restaurant. Beauty is hidden with filtered crap; my water doesn't even get filtered that well. We exist because why? What's the mind without body? Body without spirit. Spirit without soul?

What you see as a problem, which, don't get me wrong it is, but from my standpoint, it's an opportunity. The ability to speak to other humans will soon be a skill-set or a job. How well can you handle a conversation and for how long will be the extent of a job interview. In the forthcomings, we have fully autonomous vehicles, robots have already replaced what humans used to do. Maybe it has to deal with the integrity and reliability of a machine is higher than that of a man or woman. No age limit restrictions to work for machines, but I couldn't get a job at 13 when I wanted to work because of labour laws.

I know off topic but you see my point right? Soon the ability to communicate well will be wanted by all major companies. We exist in this world but what we experience is a product of our mind at work. Maybe that's why virtual reality is becoming a more prevalent thing because the world isn't getting any less populated or better off for that matter. What a perfect way to be fully submerged in a fantasy land and connected into some schematic while society goes haywire.

Fuck society.

The world doesn't have feelings, but what are feelings are they physical or emotional? If the earth shakes you can feel it right? Who can say what's real or fake anymore? Doctors apparently and of course CNN, FOX News the BIG corporations because they know all. I'll wake up again tomorrow stuck in the loop of life until its ended and then what...
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