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Third post and only one reply from a friend of mine, but who's keeping track? I figured maybe I'd tone it down a bit, that somehow my blabbering is unattractive. Well, I'll tell you like my grandma told me once.
"Tough titty said the kitty." I always laughed at that as a kid but boy was she right about life in general when things wouldn't go my way. That's life, and did I forget to mention, I'll continue with my writings, hence The Ramblings of Rumple.

I drive a lot for the daily commute to work, news in the morning and jam out to some tunes on the way home. Today some questions were raised on the whole immigration ban, again. I just find it funny that this whole situation is such a big deal but it's not permanent, at least not yet. Not to mention they can still leave their country to go elsewhere, it's not like a ban on freedom of movement or travel altogether, just not able to enter into the Continental United States.

Why America?

Probably because the refugee crisis is not one at all and the countries who have been practically overtaken by them have destroyed inner cities and caused chaos and pandemonium, and no one wants to tolerate that.

I'll come back to this. The individuals who are accepting of these immigrants, because not all of them are Islam or refugees, are the same individuals complaining about student debt, unfair wages, increasing the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour. Well as the payout to companies workers increase so will the good and services they provide, or is it already happening as Mcdonalds phases out the dollar menu and creates a catchy McPick 2 making you believe the whole, "I'm getting more bang for my buck persona."

Plain and simple the cost of living will increase (inflation) due to this, also it would be putting you in a higher tax bracket, but who cares about that adult stuff.

America was once a place where you could come to chase your dreams, settle down with your family, and prosper or die trying. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what it's all about right? As more and more immigrants come in we tend to forget what this country was founded on. We change our ways to welcome them in with open arms and that's okay if you're into that sort of thing. However, when rules are changed or certain exceptions are made for these people, that's where there's a grey area.

There are positives to these people of all walks of life coming to America, some of our greatest men and women were immigrants or their parents were. I just cannot get over the fact that it is such a big deal that our POTUS wants to tighten up the way we screen these individuals for our safety and their safety, giving us and them a fighting chance.

Is it too much to ask for?
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