The Rant

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I wrote this years ago as part of a larger story. However, I later realized that this passage did not mesh with the story at all and so I removed it. I loved it so much though that I couldn't bear to erase it completely and I've kept it all these years. For everyone who felt angry and out of place in high school, I give you the "Rant." Enjoy!

Speaking of said synthetic reality, I will soon be restarting school. Some may
think that the reason I have no desire to return to my studies is because all of my childhood friends no longer attend the same school as yours truly. That assumption however, in my case, it far from correct. The only reason that I am so unenthusiastic about returning to school is because, believe it or not, I am not such a huge fan of having my life perfectly regimented by someone I don't even know, someone that I'll probably never even see. In all honesty, I utterly and completely abhor the very concept of school.

As I previously stated, I am an introvert. This is part of my personality for one reason alone; I hate having another, any other person, tell me how, when or why to do something. I like the idea of doing everything on my own. Support groups and their
whole mentality make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I am seventeen years old; I don't need a nanny to hold my hand.

You may think that I am just your average teenager and that my mantra is the typical "You can't tell me what to do!" However, should you believe such a ridiculous notion, you may as well put this book down now, as there is no hope left for you to speak of.

There are days when I wish to enlighten the world of one simple, terribly obvious fact and today is one of those days. So allow me my two cents' worth, if you please. You see, oddly enough teenagers, despite their unfortunate age, just so happen to still be, at the very least biologically speaking, human beings. Now try and stay with me here, I know this may be rather controversial, but all human beings have their own personal personality, their own unique uniqueness. Therefore, to categorize any human according to their personality is literally impossible. Conclusion: Not all teenagers are the same (i.e. stupid, childish, irrational, close-minded, self-centered, whiny, pretentious, ignorant-of-the-world-surrounding-them, spoiled, little, consumer brats).

Stop me if this all too much to take.
I have never been stupid enough to honestly believe that the whole, wide world revolves around me. Or at least, not since I learned to walk. I can actually understand the concept of the future and therefore I do in fact possess some foresight. Common sense may not be oh, so common nowadays, however I seem to have been gifted even with that. And as silly as this may sound, I occasionally look something up simply because I actually wish to expand my mind, stretch and push its boundaries and test its limits just to see how much it can absorb. Hell, I even exercise for health reasons rather than for the idiotic belief that I need to lose 2.684 pounds in order to obtain the perfect and preferred body size in order to 'get the guy.'

In short: I am not your average stereotypical teenager.

Unfortunately, I still happen to possess the same microscopic and limited amount of power to live as I choose as any other, albeit average teenager.

Therefore, due to that sad and unhappy fact, in two, all-too-short days I will be returning to the repressing-of-one's-individuality, regimented, manipulative, mind-warping, boring and all out cruel and unusual torture that is today's modern educational system as Queen Victoria Public Secondary School's newest student.

I can barely live with the ecstasy that statement brings to mind.
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