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The Repeater

Published by Wreybies in the blog Ponderings of a Pachyderm. Views: 94

Do you know this person?

Are you this person?

The Repeater is an important part of my culture because most of the people from my culture would answer to the title of The Repeater.

The Repeater is one of many archetypal people I have named and categorized. This is the person who tells you a story three times in a row with only slight changes to the wording. Latinos are infamous Repeaters. A very typical soliloquy from someone in my culture may go something like this:

"Yesterday, when I called, I was all concerned because I couldn't get Maria to answer the phone, and that is really weird because Maria always takes my calls and never screens my number. So, when I called I was all weirded out because Maria always takes my calls. So I called again and still she didn't take my call. So I figured something was wrong or maybe she was mad at me or something because she always takes my calls and never screens my number. Do you think that's weird? Did she say anything to you, because when I called her yesterday I couldn't get her to take my call, which is really strange because she always takes my calls and never screens my number, so I'm thinking maybe something is wrong or maybe she's mad at me or something. Are you sure she hasn't called you? Because I keep trying to call her and I can't find her, which is really weird because..." :eek:

Is this you or someone you know? :rolleyes:
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