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the second race. The merclans!

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 166

yay mermaids! beautiful innocent and they like to sing. Perfect Disney material right? Not on Exzalia. Exzalia's merclans are very similair to humans in that they share a love for adventure and conquest. A curious and mischievous group the merclans can use water, air, and dark aether. Most merclan have smooth skin like a dolphin only sporting scales on their fish half, all merclan have a fish half though it varies from indivdual to individual. They have deep blue, to blue green skin. Slick hair that is streamline and greasy. fins are often found on ears and elbows and their eye's can be a range of different colours. most of them have small shark like teeth. despite this all mers have a beauty to them and unlike humans do not show signs of old age. This makes them very desirable and it is not too uncommon for mers and humans to intermarry.

mers are the second of the four original races to be created on Exzalia, they are by far the most like humans out of the four.
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