The Secrets We Keep.

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I was watching the music video of Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down and I was sorta inspired to write this story. Not my best, hell not even clsoe, but oh well.

Secrets We Keep

Tyler walked briskly from through the campus as the afternoon sun reached its zenith. When he passed a group of friends he shrugged their invitations off and waved good bye. Tyler was on a mission and he couldn't let anyone or anything stand in his way. For the first time since he could remember he felt a powerful feeling at the pit of his heart. He had joked and teased his friends for becoming 'whipped' by their girlfriends. He had never had a lasting relationship and often became nothing more then a booty call. Now he wondered if he could ever return to that loveless existence.

Tyler found Sarah alone on the soccer field. At the sight of her Tyler felt his heart soar and the darkness of the world obliterated by her very presence. He stood there for a moment, admiring everything about her. The way her dark hair fluttered gently in the breeze. After he captured the image in his mind, he ran out to the field and wrapped his arms around her from behind. She gave a small start and quickly relaxed into Tyler's arms.
“What you doing out here alone?” Tyler asked. Sarah made a sniffling sound before replying.
“Just thinking,” her voice was strained and Tyler could tell she had been crying. He turned her around and looked deeply into her eyes. “Did I ever tell you I used to play?” She said as she broke from his arms. He let his arms fall to his side and watched as she ran off kicking a soccer ball. She played through the motions as if she were going up against an army. He enjoyed the performance all the way up until she scored against an invisible goalie. Tyler began clapping and shouting his praise as he began running towards her and embracing her in a tight hug.
“Why on earth did you quit?” He asked as they walked off the field.
“Problems at home,” she whispered, biting her fingernail. Tyler tried to look past the habit, knowing it meant she was hiding something. Tyler wrapped his arm around her shoulder and she snuggled close.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a blissful state. No classes that day, nothing to do but to hang with each other at an old diner, the first place they met. The booth was private allowing them to be close without the prying eyes of others. When the meal came, a shake and french fires, they began feeding each other and laughing as they talked.
“I have to go,” Sarah said biting her fingernail. Her face became serious and distant as they scooted out of the booth. At the beginning of their relationship he had been annoyed by her seemingly abrupt leaving, often without a word of explanation.

Curiosity bested him, as he dropped her off at her house he drove around the block and returned, just down the street. He felt foolish and hated what he was thinking. There couldn't have been another guy, surely he would have known. An hour passed and as he was about to bring his car to life and drive to his dorm, he was stopped. He heard Sarah's door open and walk out to her car. As she pulled out of the drive way Tyler turned his car on and began following her.

He hated himself for doing this, he should be able to trust her, yet there was that gnawing feeling of curiosity persisted to drive him crazy. When she turned into the parking lot of a strip club, Tyler couldn't believe it. He had been there on occasion, mostly for bachelor parties. Sarah parked and didn't get out right away. Maybe it was just a stop? Picking up a friend? Tyler parked close by, hoping she wouldn't recognize his vehicle. After a moment, she stepped out and something came over Tyler. Anger, how could she do something so degrading? He left his car and ran up to her.
“What are you doing here?” He asked clenching his fists.
“Tyler!” Sarah said looking away.
“Please tell me your here to pick up a friend,” Tyler said as he trembled slightly.
“Just go home, please?” She turned her back on him but before she could leave Tyler grabbed her shoulder.
“Not until you explain.” He said not letting go. She turned around, her face hardened.
“I can't, I-” She whispered but was cut off.
“Is this man bothering you?” The bouncer said puffing out his chest.
“Earl it's fine. Tyler just go home.” She pleaded. He let go and allowed his arms to fall to his side. He clenched his teeth and felt a dull anger of betrayal beat at his temples. Tyler walked back to his car and sat there for a long time. Every guys fantasy was to get with a stripper, he had been living that little fantasy unknowingly. He didn't drive off and instead simply sat there in the dark, watching the bouncer do his work. When the bouncer's changed he gathered his nerve and entered the place. He looked at the bar, a busty blonde was standing behind the counter. He scanned the floor and when he still couldn't see Sarah he looked up on the stage. A blonde and a red head were pole dancing, slowly and seductively removing their clothing. Maybe he had just imagined seeing her? His relief was short lived when he heard the announcer call out Sarah's name. He froze, hoping against everything that it wouldn't be her. That it was some other Sarah. As the crowed began clapping and wolf whistling Sarah walked out. She wore a mini plaid skirt, and a black top tied in a knot. As the music began to play, she slowly began to dance. Tyler was both revolted and paralyzed at the sight. But there was something about her face that bothered him, her face looked distant and mournful. After breaking the spell binding dance, he left.

The next day on campus instead of finding Sarah he hung with his friends, trying to forget he had ever met her. When she found him, she tugged on his sleeve playfully. He looked over his shoulder and saw her gorgeous smile, in narrowed his eyes and shrugged her off returning to the conversation at hand. Again she did this, not understanding.
“Look we need to talk,” Sarah said. Tyler looked down into her eyes and could tell something was off.
“I'll catch up to you guys later.” He said as he dragged her away. When they found a secluded spot he let loose all his anger.
“Whats wrong?” She asked.
“What the hell do you think?” He shouted. “I saw you up on that stage, how could you do something like that?” She gasped looked down at her feet, biting her nails.
“Look you don't understand...” she whispered. “I can explain.”
“No you look. You either drop the job or we are through.” With that he left her as she slumped against the wall gently crying.

That night curiosity got the better of him again. When Sarah got off work, he followed her back home wondering if there wasn't something he was missing. When she got to the door a middle aged women stepped out, and Sarah pulled out money. Drugs? Tyler thought. She had the same look on her face, the one she had while she was on that stage. The older women left, and through open curtains Tyler watched her. She disappeared into a room, and came back out and entered another he can see into. How had he never noticed it? Sarah bent down low over a crib, and pulled up a baby girl.

“Did I ever tell you I used to play?” her words rang clearly inside his head as Sarah kissed her daughter on the forehead. A mix of sorrow and pride on her face. It wasn't until then did he realize he had never been inside her house. The missing pieces of the puzzle were no longer missing. Tyler sat there, crying and hating himself for being weak.
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