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The Shawshank Redemption: Difference Between Novella and Movie

Published by SRosemond in the blog SRosemond's blog. Views: 168

The Shawshank Redemption is one of my top 3 favorite movies, and unlikely to be removed from that spot anytime soon.

I recently read the novella, and dying to tell someone about the differences.

Here it goes:

In the novella...

  • Red(played by Morgan Freeman in the movie), narrates from the beginning. In the movie it isn't until sometime after Andy's trial and Red's introduction that Red starts to narrate
  • Andy's trial is a lot longer, and Red provides comments on the trial. For example, Andy has a calm demeanor, which Red believes worked against him.
  • Andy is shown to drink and smoke on certain occasions, but never drunk.
  • His demeanor never changes and he is just as calm as in the movie.
  • Andy has a cellmate for a short amount of time, and Red believes Andy had to stop digging his hole.
  • Multiple wardens come and go, and the guard retires after having a heart attack
  • Andy's scheme to collect money is little different, on the outside he has a friend that looks after the money
  • Red takes time to search for the correct field. He goes back to his room and reads the letter writes for him, and cries afterward.
  • Brooks lives out his life in an retirement home
  • Tommy Williams isn't murdered, he just moves to another prison
  • After telling the Warden Tommy's story about the other man who committed the murders, he is locked away in solitary confinement. Afterward he has another meeting with the Warden and plans on telling his lawyer.
and of course the ending
  • Red leaves on a bus to meet his friend, and it ends there.

The changes the movie makes I think are justifiable. The movie takes out parts that are considered irrelevant, and cleans up some parts to help the movies theme of hope.
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