The spark has ignited!!!

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Yes yes, great fantastic amazing crazy exciting news!!!

....I have finally picked something to write about!

I was originally going to just keep it short and sweet, but I did a ton of research lately and decided to turn it into a full novel! Who knows maybe I'll publish it some day...but for now it's time to continue my research for a little while more to learn as much as I can, and then I can sit down and begin writing...and I have this habit of naming chapters before writing them, but I am going to try a new approach this time...I plan to write and write and WRITE until I can't anymore and spill everything onto the page, only then will I name chapters and section them off properly according to events and leading information.

The only hint I will give right now, is my story will be titled; "The Last Caspian" and features the now extinct Caspian Tiger.

Stay tuned as I go through this process of writing ^^ I am loving this idea and I will bring it to life!

Until next time, keep the spark lit!!!

~Caity :3
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